Demonstrators lift Burkinabè and Russian flags after Burkina Faso’s second 2022 coup. (Photo: /AFP/Getty Images Issouf Sanogo)

Moscow’s rising ambitions on the continent are stoking tensions with the West. But the shifting politics of Russia’s Wagner Group mercenaries and fallout from the war in Ukraine could change the calculus.

The West African country of Niger is among the world's most deadly for attacks by jihadists. Following a military coup in July, there are fears a decision to order 1,500 French troops in the country to leave may further embolden insurgents.

Map of Zimbabwe. (BBC)

It was never going to end well for our Uncle Bob, was it? Like him, probably, I was napping when the coup took place. You wait your whole life, literally if you are my age, to see this era come to an end and what happens? The army gets to it while you nod off a little bit. Looks like we both missed the party on the streets of Zimbabwe.

Rwanda President Paul Kagame - Stop Disrespecting Africans

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